Be a Beta User

Thank you for meeting with our CEO, Reginald Hands, to learn about ShingleHanger and how it can help you start and run your side hustle business. Because that’s what a side hustle is, a business!

At ShingleHanger, we have taken the fundamental ideas of how to create and operate a successful “business” and created simple tools to leverage those ideas on a micro level.

What is a Beta User?

To become a ShingleHanger Beta User, you will fill out the form below and then download the ShingleHanger app. Once you’ve got it downloaded, go follow the onboarding instructions to set up your business and then use the app to operate your side hustle. You will meet with us right after setting up your business and then meet with us 2 more times over the next 4 weeks to give us feedback on your experience. The meetings will be up to 1 hour each.

We are specifically looking for you to:

  1. Download the app
    — In so doing, you will be essentially creating a business so think about what kind of business you want to have before you get started with the app. You can actually change it later but might be a good idea to know what you’d like to do first.
  2. Get your business started on the app
    — add your clients
    — add your services
    — schedule your jobs

  3. After you do the jobs
    — mark the jobs as “complete”
    — invoice the jobs
    — get paid
    — do it all over again!
  4. Meet with us at 2 weeks and then again at 4 weeks
    — please indicate in the sign up form below which day and time best works for you. We will follow up with our contact details and a link to an online meeting.
  5. Receive a $50 gift card to the retailer of your choice! (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc.). After the month is up, let us know your preference and we send you a $50 gift card!


Fill out the form below to become a ShingleHanger Beta User