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A Plan for Mompreneurs

Mompreneur (noun) — “An entrepreneur who mostly works from home while also working full time taking care of their families.”

If you’re not a mompreneur, but would like to be, we’ve put together a few tips to make your transition …

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Sometimes a flop can be your motivation!

Have you started a business or side hustle that never really took off? Or simply didn’t work out? While it may be a let down and you start to lose the steam that once fueled your entrepreneurial engine, you should …


Making Cents of Side Hustles

Avoiding tax issues for side hustlers

Do you have a full-time job and want to work on the side to earn extra money? If so, know that you will become a self-employed individual, which means you will have a new …


Unusual Side Hustles

Flipping Shoes: 

This is a way to make a profit from shoes that you buy, but never wear. Here’s the hustle: Order a new pair of sneakers online and make sure to have them in your possession before attempting to …

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Heard on the Internet: Instagram How-To Tips

One of the main problems people have getting started in business, especially on the internet, is getting their business to the eyeballs of the people who want/need to see it. 

For this particular edition of Heard On The Internet (or …

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Check out the Freelancers Union

Freelancers drive the economy. Yes, there’s a union for that.

Freelance isn’t free. We all know that. But joining the Freelancers Union is. began in 1995 to offer a FREE support system to members for education, resources, community, benefits, …

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Finding your side hustle community…

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to side hustling, go to It is the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, Black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle business ownership to profitable businesses. The podcast lives …