If you can read …


If you can read …

You can make money!

Want a non-traditional way to make money at home? 

Use your voice to make money by reading audiobooks aloud. Go to ACX.com… click on ‘Are You an Actor/Producer,’ then ‘Studios and Narrator’s Welcome.’ Read about your rights, lessons and the equipment needed for this job, and watch the ACX Demo to learn more.  

Next, search for ‘Titles Accepting Auditions.’ There you’ll find a list of books that need a voiceover. You can then filter by genre, kids’ books, male/female, language, and voice style. Once you find a book, look it up on Amazon to see how well it’s selling. You should choose a book that has lots of downloads.  

Lastly, you need to audition for it. Make sure to read about what they are looking for from the narrator. The description will tell you how much you’ll be paid, the estimated time it will take, and about royalty share + money.  

Payout for some books is based solely on a royalty share. This is why it’s important to research how well the book is selling on Amazon. If the book has high sales, you will get money each month based on those sales. If the book doesn’t sell a lot of copies, and has limited reviews on Amazon, it won’t pay as much. There are pros and cons when pay is based on royalty share, so do your research. 

Download the audition script, record yourself reading it and send it in.  

If you enjoy reading for audio books and want
to do often, you’ll need to set up a soundproof studio (no echos or dogs barking in the background) and buy a quality microphone (Zoom microphone on Amazon sells for $150). Read the ACX.com site well; do not skip over this. This is a great side hustle to earn extra money!


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