Unusual Side Hustles


Unusual Side Hustles

Flipping Shoes: 

This is a way to make a profit from shoes that you buy, but never wear. Here’s the hustle: Order a new pair of sneakers online and make sure to have them in your possession before attempting to resell them. If you choose a popular brand and style that are new on the market, they will likely sell out at a lot of retailers which will drive up the price.  You can check and compare prices at stockx.com. Once the price has gone up enough to cover what you paid for them, plus shipping to a future buyer, and a profit, you can then post them for sale. It is important to select popular brands and styles so that you’re not stuck with shoes that you don’t want. To that end, I would also recommend double checking the return policy of the original seller.  

Offer to grow Instagram or Facebook pages for other businesses: 

First, do your research to learn how to do this. Many people are unaware of the effort that it takes to build a following. In addition to the tips posted earlier in the magazine, you should use webinars, videos on YouTube, and information from blogs to help you understand what it takes to be successful at this. Doing your due diligence will have a significant impact on your success. This job may be time consuming, but at least you can do it from the comfort of your home and it pays well. According to posts found online, people are charging $400-500 per month for building a company’s social media pages.