Heard on the Internet: Instagram How-To Tips

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Heard on the Internet: Instagram How-To Tips

One of the main problems people have getting started in business, especially on the internet, is getting their business to the eyeballs of the people who want/need to see it. 

For this particular edition of Heard On The Internet (or as I have been thinking of it to myself, “HOTI”) I am going to quote some advice from other people about How to Get Traction on Instagram. As an Instagrammer and marketer, I chose the ones I think will be most helpful.

IF YOU HAVE TIPS about Instagram (or anything else for that matter about ways to grow your business), please email them to me and I will put them in this segment and give you credit (if you like). 

Okay here you go, advice from regular people as “heard” on the internet:

Learn how to use niche hashtags better. Since you can use only 30 hashtags on a post, you’ll want to find and use hashtags that have around 50,000 followers or under. So maybe use 15-20 hashtags in that area. Then, use maybe 5-7 hashtags that have 50,000 to 750,000 followers, and roughly 3–5 (depending how many you used prior) hashtags that have more than 1,000,000 followers. 

A lot of people think that if they use hashtags with the largest following, that they’ll get found. That’s not always true because so many people are using those hashtags that they’re likely to get overlooked. 

I just started a bookstagram a little more than a month ago, and have gained 222 followers so far. I’ve just been doing research and following other social media marketing and branding pages to help. 

A big following also depends on the content you use. Make sure that it’s useful for your followers.  

Consistency. I was getting a sh*t ton of views on TikTok cause I’d follow trend sounds, and because I have a right-hand drive turbo car. These two things mixed together make solid (compelling) content. 

If you have fewer than 10K followers, then you can comment on competitors’ posts, but genuine comments only and you can follow competitors’ followers. Of course, putting out great content at the same time is the most important factor. 

When creating content, use different instruments like hashtags that are relevant to your audience. Use stories and polling and survey tools in Instagram to get them engaged. Look up accounts similar to yours to get some ideas. Pay attention to what you are doing on your Instagram account! Are you just posting photos? Are you utilizing hashtags, captions, and stories? 

TikTok! I’ve built a following on TikTok and it’s grown my Instagram. 

Engagement is huge for growth! Going through hashtags that your ideal clients/customers are using, and liking and commenting on their posts helps a lot. The more you show up in someone’s notifications, the more likely they’ll be to click on your page and give you a follow! 

To build your following, you have to make an effort to create content that is of value to your target audience (people in your specific sport, or people living a van life or who want to start one). The content could be your experiences, or tips regarding topics like ‘places to go with a van’, or even just answering questions. This gets your audience engaged. They remain  followers and are excited to share your content, which will grow your follower base. It would take a bit more time and effort, but it would be long lasting. 

Using properly targeted hashtags is a major way to grow your audience. You can use a tool like Flick to help find some of the best hashtags for you and your niche. Also, use all the hashtags you can and have a mix of audience sizes based on your hashtags. Don’t use only hashtags that have 7 million posts because you’ll get lost in the noise. Mix it up! 

I am always curious to find out what is working for people and how people are navigating the digital environment. Especially since the pandemic has made in person interaction less possible, the internet has become even more important in helping businesses not only get started but grow. If you have tips or advice you would like to see in this column, please send me an email! —Adrienne