Side Hustles of Note

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Side Hustles of Note

Side Hustle of the Month: 

A popular and lucrative side hustle that you can start TODAY is Dropshipping. The hustle: Find an item online that is discounted (compared to other online stores). Post this item for sale at a price higher than what it costs (include shipping and profit). When someone orders the posted item from your “store”, immediately order that product from where you found it and have it shipped directly to the customer for a profit. Here’s a video on how to start dropshipping. 

Selling Goods: 

Websites like Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist are a few of the websites built for side hustlers to earn money. Ebay and Etsy can be used to sell your creations, or random items that you want to sell, including art, furniture, clothes, or even cars. Craigslist provides a similar platform, except that it’s for local sales and services, so you can mostly avoid shipping and you can provide direct services to people in your area. 

Flipping Almost Anything: 

Check out sites like or Facebook Marketplace to find a variety of discounted items to purchase, such as furniture, televisions, cell phones, popular and retro sneakers, etc. Once you find something that you think you can resell, make a bid/offer for it that is lower than what the seller is asking. Negotiate with the seller to get the lowest possible price for the item. Once purchased, you can then mark the item up to your desired cost – but remember, that price should cover what you paid for the item, shipping (if needed), and a profit.