Check out the Freelancers Union

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Check out the Freelancers Union

Freelancers drive the economy. Yes, there’s a union for that.

Freelance isn’t free. We all know that. But joining the Freelancers Union is. began in 1995 to offer a FREE support system to members for education, resources, community, benefits, and a political voice. The union represents 56.7 million independent workers and it’s open to all freelancers, from graphic designers to entrepreneurs and moonlighters.

We all know that freelancers are the backbone of the economy. Did you know that one out of three Americans freelanced last year and that this group is still growing in number? Freelancers Union is the largest organization representing the growing independent workforce. They’re a community that looks out for one another and is working together to secure a better future for freelance work. 

Check out these benefits if you’re a member:

• health, dental, term life, liability and vision insurance

• community including NYC Freelancers Hub and Spark (Brooklyn) and other cities

• advocacy for change

• #1 blog for freelancers

Go to their website at for more information.