ShingleHanger launches new e-Zine, The Upsidehustle

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ShingleHanger launches new e-Zine, The Upsidehustle

A new part of the ShingleHanger™ experience will be the launch of our new e-Zine called The Upsidehustle, which is specifically designed to help you take your sidehustle or small business to the next level. In The Upsidehustle, you’ll find educational information, helpful hints and tips, events, interviews, micro-entrepreneur profiles, news and even some discount offerings from businesses in our communities. 

Click this link to read The Upsidehustle online!

We want this e-Zine to be valuable for you so please, please share your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. Email us at with story suggestions, questions, business tips and more.

Click here to read a PDF of The Upsidehustle