Interested in These 10 Gigs?

Side Hustle Ideas

Interested in These 10 Gigs?

You may be interested in earning some “extra” money, especially in these difficult times with the pandemic. We’ve researched some great ideas that may help you choose the right direction of your side hustle.

  1. Food delivery or driver
    Set your own hours to pick up and deliver groceries for people who don’t want to leave their house. Include gas charges and your time in your estimate. You can drive for DoorDash or Instacart or do it on your own. The only insurance you’ll need is on your personal car and yourself!
  2. Mystery Shopper
    Look in your area for companies that are looking for mystery shoppers. These shoppers go to stores and restaurants and shop for items while evaluating customer service. Make sure you do a background search on the company you choose (BBB or Google reviews). Scammers are prevalent here so do your due diligence.
  3. Personal Shopper
    Go shopping for someone else! Do you know people who can’t go out and shop for themselves for one reason or another? Do you have a vehicle? You could offer to to do their shopping for them!
  4. Profit from Ebay
    Sell your items you don’t want any more on Ebay. There are rules to follow so research fully.
  5. Baking and Cooking Gigs
    Fix a batch of cookies or cupcakes that your friends and family think are special. Then take them around to some restaurants, bakeries, or offices for purchase. You can choose a large business and see if they are agreeable to let you serve coffee and cookies to their employees. Word spreads fast and others may hear of your custom cookies and want you to serve them at their offices.
  6. Trash Removal/Pet Waste Removal
    No matter if you’re a large box store or a homeowner with dogs, you need trash removal. Stores need people to pick up trash in their parking lots and sidewalks. Talk to a manager, set your hourly wage. Be sure to wear gloves and if they won’t supply them or trash bags, add that to your bill separately. 

    You can also buy a couple of boxes of pet doggie bags and a small shovel to pick up waste dogs leave behind in peoples’ yards. No one likes to do this kind of work, so you’ll be a welcome sight for the right price. Be sure to dispose of the waste properly.
  7. Get a Shop on Etsy
    If you make crafts, think about selling your pieces on Centerpieces for weddings? Candles? Quilts? Afghans? Embroidery? Furniture? If you want to make your hobby your paycheck, this is a great way to do it.
  8. Car Wash and Detailing
    If you have a bucket of water, soap, a brush and a portable vacuum, think about washing cars. You can go to a client at their office, a school, big box store or a sporting event. Offer a reasonable price for service. Charge for basic service (outside only) or a detail job for interior work (more expensive).
  9. Tutoring
    Many junior and senior high school students need extra help in their studies. Whether it’s math, English or Civics, you can work one-on-one with these students. 
  10. Phone Work
    Many companies now are offering part-time work to make cold calls or customer service calls for them. Work from home and handle income phone calls or live chat service requests. Call retail stores and offer your services for an hourly rate.

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