Finding your side hustle community…

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Finding your side hustle community…

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to side hustling, go to It is the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, Black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle business ownership to profitable businesses. The podcast lives at

Nicaila Matthews Okome began her side hustling when she worked at NPR as a digital marketer. Since 2017 her podcast as grown to over 4 million downloads and now works in her Podcast Moguls accelerator create and grow their own podcasts, grow their influence through targeted social media marketing and build a profitable business. You can hear her podcasts on Apple Music and Spotify.

We all have talents and gifts we could be using for building a side hustle. I, personally, define a side hustle as a passion project you’d do even if you don’t make money from it. That’s how I got here with Side Hustle Pro.”

Tune in and turn on your creativity as a side hustler. Let ShingleHanger help you reach your dreams by managing your business correctly. Go to to learn more.


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