Own Your Own Business and Be Profitable

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Own Your Own Business and Be Profitable

If you’re working full-time, you’re probably thinking of leaving your cubicle behind and instead, spending days on a beach somewhere. Whether you’ve been laid off because of Covid or you’re retired or if you want to make money on the side, become an entrepreneur. You don’t need a degree in marketing and an MBA in order to branch out on your own. 

There are countless examples of men and women, young and old, who have overcome poverty, poor education and a complete lack of business experience to succeed. 

One key is to identify a service business that is helpful.

Errand running for seniors can be profitable. You will need to figure out your budget in order to know what to bill. What are your gas costs? How long will it take to run the errand? Any other costs? Do not take the senior with you unless you have liability insurance. 

Dog walking in your neighborhood can also be lucrative. Take a flyer around a 3-block area introducing yourself and your experience. Bill a per 30-minute period and be sure to tell the client that you’ll pick up what their dog leaves behind. You can offer to feed the dog first. Look into getting bonded too with an insurance company if you need to go inside their house to get the dog. That’s a feature people will like.

Something as simple as taking garbage cans to the curb for neighbors may be worth a few dollars. The more houses you can sign up, the more money you’ll make. Also return the cans to the house after pick-up.

Any job you can think of to make someone’s life easier will be appreciated.

Washing a car monthly, mowing lawns once a week, housecleaning, taking dry cleaning to the cleaners once a week for neighbors is easy. They’ll leave the clothing in a bag on their porch. You pick it up and can deliver it back. Just supply them with a hook to fit over their door to place the dry cleaning when it’s brought back.

Just sit down where it’s quiet and list ideas you wish someone else could handle for you. You’ll come up with quite a few!

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— Amy Baach, President, Baach Creative Services


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