How to decide what side-hustle to start?

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How to decide what side-hustle to start?

Entrepreneur and blogger, Alison Wright of One Tiny Biz writes about finding your passion:

Chasing the answer to how to find your passion can be something you get too hung up on. Not everyone will have one big thing they develop into a business or career… and that’s okay. Instead your business idea can be a mash up of several things you enjoy.

The important thing is to make a start. Don’t waste months, years finding the perfect idea! Life’s too short ! Just start, adapt, adjust. That way you’ll find your passion…

How To Find Your Passion? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get started:

1 What do you like doing?
2 What do you hate doing?
3 What are you good at?
4 Think about your best times, analyse what made them special.
5 Look for the overlaps, the keys to how to find your passion.
6 Test if it’s a money making idea.
7 Start something!

Click on the link to read the whole post. It’s got some good ideas!

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