About Us

About Us

ShingleHanger is building a low-cost suite of business management solutions on a single platform to help side hustlers organize and manage their daily operations. With a goal of getting side hustlers to see themselves as the businesses they truly are, ShingleHanger is creating a loyalty-network based ecosystem for suppliers and lead-generators, as well as providing education and support for these micro-entrepreneurs.

Mission Statement

ShingleHanger provides low-cost start-up automation to remove barriers to entrepreneurship with an ongoing commitment to supporting and empowering under-represented business owners.

Our Team

Management & Organization

Professional & Advisory Support

Reginald HandsFounder & CEO 

Life-long side hustler, founder of three companies, and owner of a franchise, a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Reginald has built a career developing, deploying, and selling solutions for financial services companies. He brings over 25 years of experience in product design, development, and sales. His areas of expertise include global payment systems, cybersecurity, identity verification, SaaS-based solutions, prepaid & under-banked strategies, and migrating transactions to web & mobile platforms.

Marketing & Design

Adrienne WaterstonFounder & CMO, CDO 

With over 20 years of graphic design and marketing experience, Adrienne has run her own design firm designing traditional print media as well as website projects, developing and implementing marketing, social media and fundraising strategies. Starting out, she worked for Marty Neumeier (current brand guru and author of many of the leading books on ideas around successful branding), as assistant editor for his magazine, Critique Magazine. Recent community involvement includes serving two terms on the board of the Art Alliance of Central PA where she helped establish and participate in the running of a downtown State College art gallery.

Product Development

Anne-Marie BrillantesFounder & CPO 

Anne brings her real-world experience and expertise in business management and investment practices to drive product development. After a career in academic medicine and biomedical research, Anne built a portfolio of successful real estate investments and runs her own property management business. Her 15+ years of experience in growing her own small business and working closely with a broad coalition of service businesses exposed her to a range of business practices, and to the needs of the smallest enterprises. Outside of these business interests, Anne is equally committed to academic and life-skills mentorship and throughout her career has volunteered and served on the boards of nonprofit organizations such as Columbia College Women, the LPGA Amateurs Westchester Chapter, and USGA Girls Golf Rockland/Westchester Chapter.

Technology & Product Development

Linda Boyer, CTO

Linda bring deep experience from one of the world’s leading technology companies merging the interests of business with bespoke technology that addresses a company’s specific needs.

Sales & Outreach

Deirdre MoultrieFounder & CRO 

Deirdre has 15 years of development and sales history. She has experience with working with a medical equipment start-up, and has made a career of developing and managing multiple micro enterprises. Deirdre has been co-owner of an assisted living facility for over 15 years. Involvement in several community organizations, clubs, and groups in Baltimore facilitates collaborative activities and an ever-growing network of people and organizations, and contributes to Deirdre’s continued success in helping businesses grow. She enjoys problem solving, volunteering, and participating in activities/organizations which contribute to the betterment of Baltimore.