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We are trying to help people who are side hustling simplify their lives but guess what? It turns out building a platform to do that takes a lot of work!

We would like to add more features to the app, do more research on how best to serve the side hustle population, broaden our partner ecosystem, and get the word out! We started a rewards-based crowdfunding effort on this cool site -- IFundWomen!

Check out our crowdfunding page on IFundWomen to donate to our team and help us get up and running with our app as well as all the other ambitious goals we have for helping develop a side hustle, like expanding our partnerships and building more tools and resources for the ShingleHanger platform & app.

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ShingleHanger is great for businesses like:

errand runners
dog walkers
home repair people

house cleaners
event planners

*we also have a generic website template you can customize for any business type

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